Your Guide to Beretta Firearms

If you're looking for a firearm manufacturer with history, it's hard to top Beretta. The Italian gunmaker traces its roots back to 1526, when it supplied arquebus barrels to the Venetian fleet. In the centuries that followed, Beretta (formally known as Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta) has firmly established itself as one of the most recognizable names in the gun industry. From individuals to militaries, from collectors to sporting enthusiasts, a wide range of consumers have trusted Beretta for their firearm needs.

A Brief History of Beretta

With nearly 500 years to cover, it may seem impossible to do justice to the history of Beretta in anything less than a multi-volume book. However, we'll reference some of the key points and events any Beretta owner should know to truly appreciate the heritage of this iconic brand.

According to Beretta, their products were already widely known for their superior quality by the early 1500s. They were especially favored by the Republic of Venice, which paid 296 ducats to Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta for those 185 arquebus barrels mentioned earlier. Despite tumultuous events in Italy and throughout greater Europe over the centuries, Beretta endured. Trade secrets and an uncompromising commitment to excellence passed from generation to generation. In fact, 15 generations of the Beretta family have guided the company toward becoming the powerhouse it is today.

The 20th century was a period of growth and modernization for the business, as Pietro Beretta implemented advanced manufacturing techniques that streamlined production. His sons Giuseppe and Carlo continued the drive to modernize, building cutting-edge facilities that helped Beretta better serve law enforcement, military, and private interests.

Today, the company is led by Franco Gussalli Beretta as President and CEO. Beretta has remained one of the biggest names in gun manufacturing over the centuries for its family-operated business model, as well as its large and varied selection of firearms. Through its parent company, Beretta also owns several other well-known gun brands like Benelli, Stoeger, Uberti, Franchi, SAKO, and Tikka.

Popular Types of Beretta Firearms

Beretta manufactures a wide range of firearms including pistols, shotguns, carbines, rifles, and more. Gunprime has a large selection of Beretta firearms available for purchase. If you're looking for a new Beretta to add to your collection, or just want to learn about a specific type of gun, we've provided an overview of several notable Beretta models and their respective features.

Beretta 92, Longtime Choice of the U.S. Military

The Beretta 92 is a series of semi-automatic pistols first designed in 1972. It's likely one of, if not the most recognizable guns produced by the company because the Beretta 92FS served as the primary side arm of the United States military for over 30 years. Designated as the M9, this model was adopted as the pistol of choice for the American armed forces in 1985, on the condition that it was manufactured in the United States. The led the Italian gunmaker to open a plant in Maryland, which later relocated to Tennessee.

The 92FS was eventually replaced as the U.S. military's official side arm in 2019 by the SIG Sauer P320. However, the fact that our heroes in uniform relied on it for nearly 35 years should tell you a lot about the quality and dependability of this pistol.

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Beretta 418, the James Bond “Pocket Pistol”

Beretta has also become one of the most familiar and culturally relevant firearm brands after being featured in many popular movies and TV shows. The Beretta 418 is particularly famous, as audiences saw super-spy James Bond wield it in his 1962 film debut. It was soon replaced in his arsenal by the Walther PPK, but the little 418 still has the distinction of being Bond's first handgun.

This 6.35mm pistol, also known as the Bantam, is easily concealable thanks to its very small size. It won't easily snag on anything, which is great news if you need quick access. For a backup gun or an emergency self-defense situation, you could do worse than this classic spy shooter.

Beretta Px4 Storm

When you need a compact handgun that packs a bit more punch than something as tiny as the 418, the Beretta Px4 Storm is a solid choice. This semi-automatic pistol is reliable, durable, and easy to use, making it well-suited for law enforcement, home defense, and similar purposes. Unlike other Beretta series, it includes a rounded trigger guard, which is a plus for concealed carry as it makes it easy to holster and reholster.

The Px4 Storm also features interchangeable parts, so virtually any user can find the fit and feel that works best for them.

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SAKO 85 Rifle

Hunters can also find plenty of rifles to meet their needs in the Beretta family of brands. The SAKO 85 series offers features that hunters of various experience levels will find useful out in the field. These include controlled cartridge feed to avoid jamming, along with a turn-bolt handle that lends itself to repeated firing.

The SAKO 85 also features two-way safety locks on the trigger and bolt handle, ensuring you and your hunting partners remain safe throughout the hunt.

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Beretta .380 ACP, the “Cheetah”

The Beretta Cheetah refers to a series of semi-automatic pistols including the Model 84FS .380 ACP. Like other Beretta pistols, the Model 84FS is good for concealed carry and self-defense. It offers an ergonomic design that feels comfortable and balanced in your hand. The Beretta .380 Cheetah also has a thicker grip and produces less recoil than other pistols.

Gunprime always has a great selection of new and used firearms for sale, including these and many other Beretta models. Whether you're buying your first Beretta or adding to a collection, it's easy to find what you're looking for.

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