1943 Smith-Corona 1903A3 - Nice Arsenal Refinished Condition

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1943 Smith-Corona 1903A3. Barrel and receiver both date to Feb. of 1943.. Rifle displays some older features, including the early "Type 10" stock with recoil pins (this would later be replaced with the more common recoil bolts.) Other early features include an "FJA" inspector stamp on the stock; not commonly seen on Smith-Corona stocks but ubiquitous on Remington stocks, these stamps would stop being placed on Smith-Corona blanks fairly soon after this. Condition is very good. 4 groove barrel retains strong rifling throughout but does show some discoloration on the front sight band. Bolt is a Remington replacement with matching Remington markings among the pieces - bolt shows a refinish and there are other unclear markings around the rifle stock so it is probable that this rifle was arsenal reconditioned after service although it is impossible to say for sure. All metal surfaces show normal greenish parkerization although floorplate and trigger guard show some browning. Wood is largely in quite good shape but shows some gouges near the stock heel and at very front of handguard - see pictures. Overall a somewhat unusual and nice quality shooter 1903A3.

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