LKCI Eternal BP-20 Bullpup 20 ga 18" Carry Handle Panzer Dickinson

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The LKCI Eternal BP-20 is a Semi Automatic Bullpup Shotgun Made in Turkey

LKCI has imported a batch of Eternal BP-20 semi automatic shotguns and this Bullpup design has people talking. Excitement is brewing due to the fact that you can now carry a magazine feed Bullpup with a 18" barrel while keeping the overall length down to a minimum. The removable carry handle has a built in sight system but should you decide to mount some other type of optic you can do so with the included picatinny rail on the top of the receiver. The Eternal is magazine feed and this particular version comes with a 5 round magazine, however additional magazines in other capacities can be purchased separately.

LKCI Eternal BP-20 Semi Auto Shotgun (Black) Specifications and Features:

  • LKCI ET-0072
  • Semi Automatic Shotgun (Bullpup Design)
  • 20 Gauge
  • 3" Chamber (Accepts 2-3/4" or 3" Shotshells)
  • 18" Barrel
  • Bullpup Design
  • Removable Carry Handle
  • Sights Built Into Carry Handle
  • Rubber Recoil Pad
  • 5 Rounds
  • Detachable Box Magazine
  • Picatinny Top Rail
  • Pistol Grip
  • Aluminum Receiver (Black Finish)
  • Polymer Synthetic Stock (Fixed Bullpup)
  • Turkish Made
  • Black
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Condition: New
Manufacturer: Eternal Arms
Model: LKCI BP20
Caliber: 20 GA
SKU: 195536000072
UPC: 195536000072
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (3)
By 20 GA bullpup on 07/24/23
Just what I wanted, but needs some break-in.

Took it to the range for the first time today. Fired 10 rounds without a hitch, but one of my 5-round mags failed to lock open when empty.
Tried to zero the red-dot sight with slugs at 50 yards, but need to do more on that.
Off to a good start. Things should smooth out with time and more rounds.
Quite satisfied.

By Jerry Coleman on 07/20/23
Very easy experience

This is a great home security firearm and it is just what I needed. Price was great as usual

By Gary Feeler on 01/20/23
Great experience, never used, but will again.

A product no one else had.

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