Revolvers For Sale

Revolvers are pistols that use a revolving cylinder of chambers for firing.  Like semi-automatic handguns, revolvers are repeating pistols that allow the end user to fire multiple shots before needing to reload the gun. Revolvers come in both single and double-action variants.  Using single action variants users must cock the hammer reward rotating the cylinder in preparation of firing.  After manually cocking the hammer the end user then can fire the gun with one short pull of the trigger.  Double-action revolvers utilize a long trigger pull that first cocks the hammer reward rotating the cylinder and then fires a projectile eliminating the need to manually cock the hammer.  The advantages of revolvers are numerous including unfailing reliability and the ability to use Magnum cartridges.  Many self-defenders, collectors, competition shooters, and hunters alike choose a revolver for those reasons and many more.

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